LKBEN11500: Find out if windows has been started with secure boot


You need to make shure your system has not been compromised at boot time


This is important for mobile device management (MDM) and compliance


Nowadays a computer has a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Chip on the motherboard. Most PCs in 2021 do have version 2.0, some older systems might still have version 1.2.

With UEFI Secure Boot you can prevent "rootkit" malware and asure that a system was not hijacked at boot time. To find out if your Windows System is booted with secure boot you can use the following powershell command:


Your powershell has to be started as administrator to execute the Confirm-SecureBootUEFI command!

This will respond with True, False are an error.

When this command delivers "False" but in your BIOS you see Secure Boot "enabled", your BIOS might have a Secure boot Status in "Setup mode". On a Lenovo System you have to reset the keys to factory defaults. After a reboot your system will be started with secure boot.

If you have an error, you do not have secure boot or you need to make changes to your BIOS first.

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