LKBEN11489: Network speed test with iperf on linux


You need to test your ethernet speed on windows, android, iphone, ipad, ubuntu, debian, fedora, freebsd or whatever system you have


Troubleshooting network performance...


Iperf is available for almost any system you can think of. It is a tool for active measurements of the available bandwidth on IP network. It supports various parameters related to timing, buffers and protocols. It can use TCP, UDP, IPv4 or IPv6. It report the bandwidth, loss and some other parameters.

To use it you need a server and a client. Server and client can run different operating systems. You can run it as a daemon in the background or use it ad hoc.

First you start a server with the following command:

iperf -s

On the other side you need a client which can be startet with the command:

iperf -c ipaddress-of-the-server


iperf -c hostname-of-the-server

Now you wait a few seconds and it will show you a report like this:

In this case we have 94,4 MBit per second.



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