LKBEN11487: Which USB do I have to use for which device?


Your system has different USB ports with different colors. What is the difference.


You would like eht color codes and when to use them


The color for USB is not specified but there is a kind of standard. To be shure you will have to look in your manual.

White USB 1.0 and 1.1 Old standard (low speed) - 1996 1,5 MBit (12 MBit version exists)
Black USB 2.0 - 2011 480 MBit
Blue USB 3.0 - 2011 5 GBit
Teal Blue USB 3.1 - 2014 10 GBit
Red/Orange Higher current USB Port (for loading devices) Does not power off during sleep or standby mode.  
USB C USB 3.2 High speed USB. This connection can be used in both directions - 2017 5 till 20 GBit
USB C USB 4.0 - 2019 20 till 40 GBit

Hope this helps.


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