LKBEN11204: Why C++ does not catch a divide-by-zero exception


A divide by zero does not go into my catch block but kills the application


This is by design.


In C++ it was a design decision not to handle the divide-by-zero exception in contrast to some other languages like e.g. java. The language C++ tends to be used with more awareness of the hardware compared to other programming languages. Also low level events such as arithmetic overflows are assumed to be handled by a dedicated lower-level mechanism. To handle these errors, you must write code by yourself. This means that a division by zero is not catched by a

catch (...) { }

statement which normally catches all unhandled exceptions.

//a click on the button does not reach the catch, the program will be killed
void CExceptionTestDlg::OnBnClickedButton1()
    //Generate handled Exception
    int i = 100;
    int j = 0;
    double k;

        //Generate a division by zero exception (this is not an exception but an error!)
        k = i/j;
    catch (...) // Handle all exceptions
        //and catch it here! (which will not function because there was no exception!)
        int msgboxID = MessageBoxW((LPCWSTR)L"Exception handled.",
            (LPCWSTR)L"Exception handled.",
            MB_ICONWARNING | MB_OK);

To handle a division by zero, you check the divisor by yourself and throw an own generated exception.

Conclusion: floating point and division by zero exceptions are not caught by a general catch(...) block.


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