LKBEN11193: Howto Change mysql collation latin1_swedish_ci into latin1_german1_ci or latin1_german2_ci


You need to change the collation for a certain mysql database from the default latin1_swedish_ci into something different with phpmyadmin




The default collation on mysql is latin1_swedish_ci. When you just installed your debian system, your new databases will have this collation. To change it with phpmyadmin (from the main page) you click on databases, you click on the database (you should click on the name of the database!) you would like to change and then on operations.
Here you go to the end of the page where you can change the collation of the database.

Please note that there is is difference in collation. e.g.

the latin1_german1_ci is not the same as the latin1_german2_ci. These differences are sometimes small but might be important for your application.


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