LKBEN11091: VMware error message "failed to export virtual appliance: an item with the same key has already been added"


Upon trying to export a virtual appliance (VM) from an ESX Server, the exports stops with error


Export is only possible with more than one snapshots


This message ("Failed to export virtual appliance: an item with the same key has already been added") happens, if your virtual machine (VM) includes different snapshots.

VMware stores snapshots only as differantials to the origanal VM. The export-routine is not capable of exporting each individual snapshot.

You need to delete all snapshots, then you'll be able to export again.

Alternatively you only can make clones from different stages.

Bottom line: use snapshots only for short periods of time for immidiate fall backs, they are not intended for keeps...

By the way, a windows server off his active directory for a period of time might need a lot hands-on anyway ;-)


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