LKBEN11090: VMware ESX: virtual machine does not start after failed failover and there seems to be no leftover process on any server with HA


Error message: "Faild to power on on in : Could not power on VM : No swap file."


The swap file does still exist and is locked from a process trying to start the VM


In addition to article ID 151:

The machine that wont start left many entries like "faild failover..." - this could be the reason you won't be able to trace down the process, which locks the swap file:
Since HA is enabled, after a failed failover the next host tries to start the VM and so on. You must have a good deal of luck to be on the right server, find and kill the process...

After a crash the virtual machine (VM) was left with too many logfiles for ESX (3.5) to handle. Since HA was enabled the trying to failover this machine went on and on...

Switch off HA for this VM on all ESX hosts but one. Now you should be able to identify the locking process like detailed in Lubby - Linux Entry ID 151. After this, delete the logfiles off the affected VMs dirctory. Look for additional repair to be done (snapshots etc.).

Now you should be able to power on your VM again.


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