LKBEN11069: Posix error 10: No child processes


You get the error message: No child processes




Processes are the primitive units for allocation of system resources. Each process has its own address space and normally one thread of control. A process executes a program; you can have multiple processes executing the same program, but each process has its own copy of the program within its own address space and executes it independently of the other copies. Processes are organized hierarchically. Each process has a parent process which explicitly arranged to create it. The processes created by a given parent are called its child processes. A child inherits many of its attributes from the parent process.

The above error can come from cripts or from compiled programs. It means you want to do something with your child processes but you do not have any. Sometimes it might be caused by an "open files maximum limit". In this case you can solve the problem by configuring the system to accept more open files.

You can view this limit with:

cat /proc/sys/fs/file-max

For setting the value, please search the knowledge base.


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