LKBEN11051: Howto easily reconfigure debconf packages on a debian alike system


You need to reconfigure a certain package




During the installation of a debian, kubuntu, ubuntu, knoppix, ... system, you have to answer questions. The answers will be stored in a kind of centralised database. (debconf)

To change packages later, you can use the dpkg-reconfigure command. This is relatively complex. An nicer way to do the job is the use of configure-debian which is located in the package "configure-debian".

Configure-debian is a program which presents a list of packages which use Debconf, Debian's configuration management system.
Debconf provides first-time installation wizards that run when a package is installed. You may reconfigure these packages at a later time, if you wish, and configure-debian makes that very easy. Configure-debian splits the package lists into the subsections which make up the Debian archive, such as x11, base, gnome, or kde.


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