LKBEN10921: Ubuntu 10.10 and Hyper-V


how to install the drivers


Improve performance and makes shutdown features available


- Create an virtual machine under Hyper-V with an classical networkcard
- Install ubuntu 10.10 normaly in the virtual machine
- After installing make the system updates normaly
- Now you have to notice the mac address of you networkcard
- Edit the file "etc/initramfs-tools/modules" (under root-rights)
    add the following lines:
- Save the file
- Update the initramfs:
    update-initramfs -u
- Shutdown the system:
    shutdown -r now
- Edit the Hyper-V configuration
    - Remove the classic networkcard
    - install a standard networkcard an set the mac-address with the noticed
      address of the old one
- Start the virtual machine
- Thats all


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Author: Wim Peeters - Keskon GmbH & Co. KG

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