LKBEN10849: No DHCP address at PXE-Boot with RIS


You cannot get a DHCP address when booting with PXE.


You cannot get a DHCP address when booting with PXE.


When a client booting with PXE receives no DHCP address, the problem may be up to a faulty configuration of the switch. This becomes clear if the same client functions with Windows without any trouble.

The cause of the malfunction of DHCP is a delay in the connection building of the switch. The reason for this delay is the activated "Spanning Tree" at the switch. When building a conncetion the switch checks if a "Loop" is existent. The operation takes approximatly 10 to 15 seconds. In this time the link already physically exists but all data (like DHCP-requests) are discarded. To solve this problem either insert a hub between the switch and the client or disable the "Spanning Tree" method at the switch.

Note: Some CISCO switches have the same problem. To solve the case, activate the "Portfast" option.


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