LKBEN10804: Error Message "insufficient client memory" out of SAP BEx 7 data export into Excel


Memory limitation of 32bit Windows: SAP Business Explorer 7 ist based on .net Framework, which can address only 2GB virtual memory on 32bit Windows


use 64 bit windows or an older version of BEx, which is not based on .net or limit the number of displayed cells


Because of the above mentioned limitation of addressable memory on 32 bit .net framework to 2GB, a single process in SAP BEx Analyser can use up to approximately 1.2 GB. This numer corresponds vaguely to 750,000 displayable cells (which is a very rough estimate).

1) use a different OS (64bit)
2) use a different version of BEx Analyser (e.g. 3.5)
3) live with the limitation and use smaller queries



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