LKBEN10789: Howto use the citrix Appmanagement tool and how to export farm information in a file


Citrix delivers an Appmanagement tool written in c# to make the life of administrators easier


The normal Citrix Administration tools are slow and not optimised for exports in files


The AppManagement tool can be used to manage your published applications. It is written in and uses the Mfcom.dll to query the IMA. (= independent management architecture) To run the

tool you need at least .NET Framework 1.1 on your local machine. It can be used "as is" with no warranty but I did not have any problems with it yet. (The only problem is the slow performance)

Some errors are reported and ask to copy the Mfcom.dll in the folder of the tool.

The following operations are supported:

Usage of the tool :

1: Summary of the Farm .
    AppManagement.exe S

2: To List all Application by Groups and UserName in a Farm.
    AppManagement.exe U

3: To List all Application by Server in a Farm.
    AppManagement.exe L <ServerName>

4: To Remove All applications from server and adding Properties of Apps to a XML file.
    AppManagement.exe R <ServerName>

5: To Write  All application properties  of server for backup to a XML file for publishing later on :
    AppManagement.exe W <ServerName>

6: To Batch  ADD  All 'Existing' applications in farm from XML file to a server
    AppManagement.exe A <XMLFilename> <ServerName>

7: To Enable application on a Farm
    AppManagement.exe E <AppDname>

8: To disable application on a Farm
    AppManagement.exe D <AppDname>

To write a XML file for a certain server you use:

appmanagement W myserver1

This will create a XML file with all information for the application. I use most command to pipe the result in a file. On a normal serverfarm the summary will be to long view on the commandline.


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Author: Wim Peeters - Keskon GmbH & Co. KG

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