LKBEN10702: Security Setting for filetype - attachments under MS Outlook


Certain filetypes cannot be started from without MS Outlook


This is by design (security feature)


This MS security feature was implemented to protect you from naively or accidentally double-clicking an attachment of uncertain origin.

What if know it's safe and you just want this thing to work (and you made sure it's safe...)?

Under the following key are exceptions defined, Outlook let's you to open without asking:

Registry Location:
(11.0: Office 2003, 10.0: Office XP)

Key (REG_SZ):

Value (just make the exceptions, you really want to. Single values must be seperated by semi-colon):
ade; adp; asx; bas; bat; chm; cmd; com; cpl; crt; exe; hlp; hta; inf; ins; isp; js; jse; lnk; mda; mdb; mde; mdz; msc; msi; msp; mst; pcd; pif; prf; reg; scf; scr; sct; shb; shs; url; vb; vbe; vbs; wsc; wsf; wsh


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Author: Wim Peeters - Keskon GmbH & Co. KG

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