LKBEN10691: Howto encrypt vbs or js scripts so you cannot read them anymore


You need to encrypt a script because you used a password in cleartext in it


You do not want your script to be readable by users


You can use the free microsoft script encoder to encrypt your scripts. You need to download the tool and install it first.

After installation you can encode a script with the following syntax:

SRCENC [switches] inputfile outputfile

You can encode 4 kinds of files:
1. ASP (asp, asa and cdx)
2. HTML (htm and html)
3. Plain text (js and vbs respectively)
4. scriptlets (sct and wsh)


You can copy and paste the following and save it as hello.vbs

'For the Lubby project
'by Wim Peeters
'**Start Encode**
WScript.Echo "Hello, world"

If you run this script it will just say "Hello, world".

Now we will encrypt it with:

E:\>"C:\Program Files\Windows Script Encoder\screnc.exe" "e:\hello-world.vbs" c:\temp\hello.vbe

The encrypted script c:\temp\hello.vbe looks like:

'For the Lubby project
'by Wim Peeters
'**Start Encode**#@~^PgAAAA==@#@&j1DbwYc214W,Ju+^VGS,hWMsNr@#@&ERRO O ORORR ORO RO ORR OORLA4AAA==^#~@

The encoded script can be used just as the other one.

Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host, Version 5.6
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation 1996-2001. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.

Hello, world 


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