LKBEN10684: You need to start an Explorer parameters with a certain folder in it


The parameters for the windows explorer are often unused, this article describes its usage




The normal syntax for explorer parameters is

"Explorer [/e[,folder]] [/n] [/root,Objekt] [[/select],subobjekt]"

The following opens the c:\windows\system32 folder and a treeview in the left pane. With the

treeview you can navigate through the whole system.

explorer /e,c:\windows\system32

This command opens the same window but in the left pane the treeview can be only used to

navigate through c:\windows\system32 because this folder acts as root.

explorer /e,/root,c:\windows\system32

The following opens the explorer, with c:\windows\system32 as root (you cannot navigate

higher then this folder) and automatically selects the folder c:\windows\system32\config.

explorer /e,/root,c:\windows\system32 /select,c:\windows\system32\config

You can use UNC naming conventions to open a network share like:

Explorer /e,/root,\\LubbySRV\users

In the previous command the root paramter is very practical. Just try it out without. You

will notice the difference immediatelly.

This opens your desktop.

Explorer /e,/select,


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