LKBEN10577: How to find the physical address of a network adapter


Physical address is sometimes needed for configurations


Firewalls, Router, DHCP Server and the like use physical addresses to identify a client


IP adresses are like postal addresses, a client can move to a different place. Therefore you cannot use an IP address to identify a client computer correctly, especially since these addresses can be leased temporarily by a dhcp server.

If you need to identify one ore more physical Adresses of your computer (also called "MAC" addresses - "media access control", the lowest level of the so called OSI Model), the easiest way is in the command shell:

  1. On Windows XP computers you can use the "getmac" command
  2. On every Windows computer you can use the "ipconfig /all" command:
    in line "Physical Address...." you'll find the MAC address of the correspondign network adapter
    (ipconfig /all|find /i "phy" has a similar result as the getmac command)

Physical addresses consist of 6 two-hexadecimal-digits, seperated either by dash, colon or blank. Hexadecimals are numbers based on 16 instead of 10 --> digits are numerals 0-9 and letters A-F.
The beginning of a MAC depends on the vendor, so the beginning of different types of adapters (WLAN, Ethernet...) usually look very different, while similar adapters (f.ex. Intel-Ethernet) differ in the rightmost digits only.


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