LKBDE11219: Windows 2003 GPO cannot be disabled for Domain-Admins


GPO is applied to Domain-Admins although configured with "no access"


Computer account is member of "Authenticated Users"


If a GPO will be applied/not applied through security filtering, although the opposite was expected, check membership of computer- and user accounts with "Active Directory users and computers" Snap-in.

In order to limit a GPO with security filtering, make sure to remove "Athenticated Users" Group - otherwise the users-portion will be applied to all users in any case.

The reason for this behavior lies in the computer account, which also belongs to the "Authenticated Users" Group.

In order to apply a group policy to certain computers, define an Active Directory security group, make the computer account(s) a member and assign this group to the security filtering in the scope tab of the group policy management console (gpmc).


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