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LWE10095 : Howto find Open files under windows


You need to know the open files on the system




You can use the openfiles (openfiles.exe) tool under windows to deliver this information. Before using it you need to

activate the gathering of the information. Because of performance issues it is deactivated by default.

openfiles /Local ON

The system needs a reboot after this command! The program can be used to look at local or remote open files. Searching in

the output can be done with find.

openfiles |find /i "word"

openfiles |find /i "h:"

When you have a stick on h: you can see which files are still open. You can close open files with

openfiles /disconnect /id <id>

where id is the id you find in the output of the program. When you have a user and want to close his files you can use:

openfiles /disconnect /a <user>

To deactivate the gathering of open file information you use:

openfiles /local off


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