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LWE10064 : Howto activate access based enumeration on a specific share under windows


The users can see a lot of directories. For the most of them the user has no rights and becomes an error message


This is by design


To solve this problem you can install access based enumeration (=ABE). With ABE installed the user will only see the directories if he has enough rights to access that directory. Therefore you need to install ABEUI.msi which can be found on the microsoft website. This utility is free and has to be installed on the server. After installation you can use a command line to access individuel ABE settings per share.

To enable ABE on a single share you use the following command:

abecmd /enable lubbyshare

Access based enumeration is not cluster aware. You need to generate an application with a commandline like the following

cmd /c abecmd /enable lubbyshare

This should be done after the resource comes online.


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