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LWE10063 : Network access of executables forbidden - access denied in spite of sufficient rights


Even as domain admin start of executables not allowed - although share and NTFS right are sufficient


Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) in "enhanced security mode"



Installed "out of the box" Systems with IE7 on client (no matter if w2k3 server or client). Not possible to start executable file (.exe) on mapped network share, no matter of access rights (even as domain administrator with full access on executable file and full access for everybody on network share).

Error Message:
"Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file.  You may not have appropriate permissions to access the file."

No matter what rights are applied to the network share mapped or NTFS rights applied to the needed file, you're not able to get more than above error message, no matter what user is used (even as domain admin).
This behavior is by design, when Internet Explorer 7 is installed on the client machine.

Two Solutions:

  1. Start Control Panel --> Software --> Add / Remove Windows Components
    Select "Enhanced Securityconfiguration for Internet Explorer" --> "Details..."
    Select / Deselect appropriate Usergroup
  2. Open IE7 --> extras --> Internet Options --> Security
    Set Zone "local Intranet" on low --> click on "Sites"
    select "advanced" and 
    make sure checkmark for https: at bottom is removed,
    add file://Server-Name to "websites"

Alternative: never install IE7 ;-)


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