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LWE10062 : Howto change numlock before logging on to the system


You want to aktivate numlock before logging in so you can use numbers in your password


This is due to configuration


The other documents you find in Lubby change the behaviour after you logon to the system. Here you change the profile of the user. This can only be done after the logon of the user. Before you even know who is logging on to the system, you have the Default Users Profile. To change this you change the Key [HKEY_USERS\.Default\Control Panel\Keyboard] and change the Parameters from 0 to 2.

NUMLOCK off = 0
NUMLOCK on = 2

With the setting set on 2 you can use your numeric pad to give in your password. After logon, the users profile setting will get active again which is found under [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Keyboard]

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