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LWE10003 : EPO Server Based Installation of VirusScan 8.5


No VirusScan 8.5 Installation - Error Message in EPO Agent 3.55


EPO Agent Version < 3.62


1. Install EPO Server 3.6x
2. Configure Server according to the Documentation
3. Download of EPO Agent 3.6x with Language Pack and Reporting Files
4. Check in of EPO Agent 3.6x into the Repository
5. Check in of EPO Agent 3.6x Language Pack into the Repository
6. Check in of EPO Agent Reporting File into the Repository
7. Download VS8.5
8. Check in of VS 8.5 into the Repository
9. Policy Settings of EPO Agent (Language is taken from OS)
10. Policy Settings of VS 8.5 (Language settings are in GUI Policy)
11. Deployment Task: EPO Agent and VS 8.5 are configured in one Task
12. New Update-Task for Dat and Engine and EPO Agent and VS8.5 in one Task
13. New Repository Update Task
14. all this will not work with EPO Agent < 3.6x    


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