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LWE10374 : Howto monitor your ms sql server with t-sql statements


You need to trac your microsoft sql server system with transact-sql statements


This is by design


Most people like to use the SQL Server Management GUI to monitor the database system but sometimes it is nice to monitor a system with just sql statements.

To show the current locks:

use master
EXEC sp_lock

to show a certain lock (13 in our example) you can use:

EXEC sp_lock 13

To show the current user activity:

use master
EXEC sp_who

to show a certain user (hulk in our example):

EXEC sp_who 'hulk'

To get the space used by a database or table:

use testdb
EXEC sp_spaceused

EXEC sp_spaceused 'mytable1'

Some general information about sour sql server:

use master
EXEC sp_monitor


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