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LWE10352 : How to integrate an Favicon under TYPO3 with YAML for Templavoila


You cannot integrate the Favicon by default


Favicon is not deplayed


First we had to create an favicon:
- e.g. with the creator under ""
- in our example the created icon is named "Favicon.ico"
- copy the favicon in the Typo3-Directory: "fileadmin/images/"

Implementating under Typo3 with YAML for Templavoila:
- login to the Typo3 Admin-Console
- select the function "Template"
- select the ROOTPAGE
- then select the TypoScript Object Browser with Browse=Setup / ALL
- find and select the entry [page]
- ADD Object Property page."shortcutIcon" TS=fileadmin/images/favicon.ico (without question marks)

delete the browsercache an test it


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