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LWE10313 : Ports used by Netmeeting


How to configure your firewall to use Netmeeting


Ports used by Netmeeting and their Purpose


In order to use MS Netmeeting behind a firewall, you'll need to configure the appropriate ports:

1) TCP (bidirectional) over 389, 522, 1503, 1720 and 1731 (purposes see below)

2) UDP (dynamically assigned): 1024 - 65535 (see below)

Port      Purpose
389       Internet Locator Server (TCP)
522       User Location Server (TCP)
1503      T.120 (TCP)
1720      H.323 call setup (TCP)
1731      Audio call control (TCP)
Dynamic   H.323 call control (TCP)
Dynamic   H.323 streaming (UDP)

- when TCP connections on specific ports is enabled, but no secondary UDP connections on dynamically assigned ports,  audio features cannot be used



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