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LWE10309 : Howto setup windbg debugging symbols for debugging crash dump files in windows


You want to analyse a crash dump from a terminal server system and locate the faulting instruction


This is relatively complex but needed for heavy troubleshooting


You will have to install the windows debugging tools. These can be downloaded from the microsoft website. Now you can use windbg as your debugger. To configure the symbol tables you follog the following steps:

You create a directory c:\symbols on your development computer.

You go to the File menu and select "Symbol file path..." and enter

SRV*c:\symbols *

When you load your crash dump, your debugger can take a while! (because it might be downloading some symbol tables)

When you enter "!analyze -v" your debugger will deliver quite a bit of usefull information about your crash. With this information you can try to find the error in your source code and correct it.


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