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LWE10029 : Troubleshooting the windows scheduler (AT job) with an interactive command.


Your scheduled job does not run as expected.


This can have lots of causes.


You can set the switch so interaction with the desktop is possible in services.msc. (Schedule or Taskplaner) Then you check the time on your system, ad 2 minutes to it and execute the following command:

at 16:39 /interactive c:windowssystem32cmd.exe /k c: emp est.cmd

The test.cmd file has the following contents:

echo off
echo troubleshooting
echo troubleshooting > c: emp rouble.txt

You do not need to add the cmd file, just cmd.exe /k will do. I just prefer to be noticed which commandline is opened by the scheduler since I always have a few command lines on the screen. The one opened by the job is the one with "troubleshooting" in it.
If you do not see your commandline, you can check for the file c: emp rouble.txt. It should be there. If not, your job did not run. If it is but you do not see anything, you should check the interactive setting for the service.


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