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LWE10297 : Howto enable Dr. Watson on a terminal server (citrix) system for debugging purposes


You would like to be able to see when an application is being killed by the operating system




To enable Dr. Watson you open a command line and execute the following command:

drwtsn32.exe -i

Please note that Dr. Watson is just the default debugger from windows and is delivered with the Windows OS. In fact, microsoft calls it a debugger but it hardly is. It is used as a tool to write crash information and dumps. When you are nerved by Dr. Watson you should know that this tool can not be made responsible for bad software. It is an indication for having bad written software on your machine. After a crash has been captured a log file will be written. (drwtsn32.log) Now you can do some post mortem Debugging to find out what happened.


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