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LWE10287 : How to deactivate the user account control (UAC) for autostarting programs in Windows Vista






If you are using a program which is beeing loaded at Windows Startup and needs admin rights, as soon as the desktop is loaded a message is shown that an autostarting program is beeing blocked. You have to rightclick on the message and explicitly permit the running of the program. You have to do this every time Windows starts.
There is a workaround to avoid this annoying request.

1. start the task sheduler and select "create task"
2. choose a name and mark the option "run with highest privileges"
3. select the "trigger" tab and click on "new"
4. select "at startup" from the upper dropdown box. Under properties mark "select user" (your own username should be displayed there).
5. select the tab "actions", select "new" and choose the application you want to start.
6. click ok and ok


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