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LWE10277 : How to add a website to your Windows startup menu.




You want to add a website to your Windows statup menu.


You can add a website to your windows startup menu in order to get quick access to a website.

Copy the following text in a text file and save this file as .reg (e.g. setlink.reg). A doubleclick on the file adds the website to your Windows startmenu. You can also use a seperate icon. Only change the path to the icon file.
You have to restart the computer to take the changes into effect. In the example the website of google is used. You have to adjust the marked positions to fit your own needs.

Copy this in a text file:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"InfoTip"="German Google Hompage"





Note: This works not with the classical Windows startup menu! It only works with the Windows XP startup menu!


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