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LWE10269 : How to install the Exchange 2007 Anti-spam system






In Exchange 2007 a new element called "Edge" was introduced. It was meant for handling Spam and viruses and so the anti spam system is not installed by default. When you don't install the "edge" component of Exchange and want to use the anti spam system, you have to install it with the Powershell script that is build in when you install the Hub transport role of Exchange.

Follopw the steps below to install the anti spam function:

- open the Powershell
- navigate to the following path "Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Scripts"
- run the "install-AntispamAgents.ps1" script. Note: you must add ./ before the script.
- restart "Microsoft Exchange Transport" service.

When the Exchange Management Console is now opened you can find an additional tab called "Anti-Spam" at the hub transport properties.

When you want ot uninstall this function open the Powershell and navigate to to the abovementionend directory. Then run the "Uninststall-AntispamAgents.ps1" script. Note: you have to add once again ./ before the script. After the deinstallation you have to restart the Hub transport service.


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