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LWE10253 : How to simply readout the last logon/logoff time of a User in Active Directory.




You want to know the last logon time of a user in active directory.


Since Windows Server 2003 the attribute "lastlogontimestamp" is being saved for every user and replicated in the domain.

This information isn't normaly shown under the properties of a user account. To include the Information in the Properties you need the following dll: AcctInfo.dll. This dll is included in the Microsoft Resource Kit or in the Account Lookout and Management Tools from Mircosoft. After downloading and expanding the files you have to manually register the dll. For example: Regsvr32 "c:\%File directory%\acctinfo.dll". Under the properties of a user account now exist a new tab: "Additonal Account Info". If you open this tab among other things the "Last logon time" and the "last logoff time" were shown.


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