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LWE10248 : How to configure a new DNS server






How to configure a new DNS-Server in a few short steps.

Step 1: Configure TCP/IP
Step 2: Install Microsoft DNS Server
Step 3: Configure the DNS Server

Step 1:
click start->control panel->network connections->local area connection
open properties
click->internet protokol (TCP/IP)
open properties
click generals tab
click use the following ip address
enter the ip address, the subnet mask and the default gateway that you want to use
click advanced->DNS
click append primary and connection specific DNS suffixes
click append parent suffixes of the primary DNS-suffix
click register this conncetions addresses in DNS
click ok->ok->ok

Step 2:
click start->control panel->add or remove programs
click add or remove windows components
click components->networking services->details
click domain name services->ok->next
click finish when the setup is complete

Step 3:
click start->programs->administrative tools->DNS
Right click on Forward lookup zones and choose New zone
click next
choose the type of zone you want to install (primary zone, secondary zone or stub zone)
If you want the new forward-lookup-zone to accept dynamic updated it has to bee a primary forwar-lookup zone.
click primary->next->next


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