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LWE10229 : Howto debug a win32 application in release mode


You have differences between debug and release mode and need to find out why




Differences between debug and release mode do not happen every day. Most of the time these differences result from initialisation of variables.

To be able to debug in release mode, you are reading it right, you need to change your settings in visual studio a bit.

Steps to Debug an Application in Release Mode:
- Select from the Visual Studio Menu, Project->Settings
- In the "C/C++" Tab, select from the "Debug Info" drop down list "Program Database".
- Set the “Optimizations” to "Disable".
- In the "Link" Tab, select the "Generate Debug Info" option.
- Now Apply the new settings and rebuild all the files in your project.

you can now start to debug in release mode. You might see assembly code and your sourcecode in one screen. (Especially if you are debugging DLL's)

Please note to reset your settings and rebuild your project once you have fixed the bugs.


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