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LWE10022 : Howto backup windows 2003 system state from active directory controller with command line


You want a system state backup from the command line




You can use ntbackup with certain parameters to do the job. e.g:

ntbackup backup SYSTEMSTATE /j "Command Line Backup" /f "c:ad-exportad-backup.bkf"

You can also use this script:

echo off
rem this will backup your system state and write a logfile
rem Wim Peeters 6 Nov 2007

rem make shure we have c: emp for our logfile!
if not exist c: emp mkdir c: emp

echo %DATE% %TIME% > c: empackup.log
echo Starting backup of systemstate on %computername% >> c: empackup.log

ntbackup backup SYSTEMSTATE /j "Command Line Backup" /f "c:ad-exportad-backup.bkf"

echo %DATE% %TIME% >> c: empackup.log
echo %DATE% %TIME% End of our backup >> c: empackup.log


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