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LWE10221 : Howto connect on an xserver running on a debian gnu linux system with windows xp or vista


You need to connect from windows to a GUI on Linux


Might be usefull


Putty will give you an easy way to securely connect to a running linux server. If you need more than just the console, you can use a xserver on windows. This will give you the flexibility of a linux graphical user interface (GUI) on windows.

I use the xming xserver on windows Vista to connect to my debian servers. Xming is free software running natively on windows. After downloading it from sourceforge, it can be installed. (The license is the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE) The main project site is

I installed Xming via the setup and installed portable putty to. I am now able to run a "konsole" on the linux box, make a sux and install application with a graphical user interface like synaptic, run xclock and other GUI based applications.


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