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LWE10195 : DPI scaling in Windows XP and Vista


Optimize size of fonts and icons with increasing resolution


The larger the display resolution (good!), the smaller are icons, buttons and fonts (bad!)


With Windows XP and Vista the default setting for display resolution of 96dpi can be changed to "large" (120dpi or 125%) or to a custom setting from 20% to 500% (or 480dpi).

WARNING!!! Don't mess with settings larger than 192dpi (200%) - you might not find your <ok> button to return to normal setting...

However, if you already did so, set your advanced display setting back to "normal" (96dpi) and just hit the enter-key. If asked to reboot, do so and all will be fine.

How to get there?

Windows XP:
right click on Desktop - "Properties" - Tab "Settings" and choose button "advanced"

Windows Vista:
right click on Desktop - "Personalize" - then choose "Adjust font size (DPI)" in the left frame


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