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LWE10018 : Windows user wants to perform certain tasks as administrator


Working as local administrator has certain risks - working as user inhibits certain functions


To work as user but to perform certain tasks as administrator, use function "run as..."


In windows systems it bears certain risks to work as local administrator all the time (security, deletion by accident...). If you work as user, there are inhibited functions reserved for use by admins.

If you need to perform admin tasks from a user session, there's no need to logoff - logon as admin and then log back on as a user:
there are two different ways to perform tasks as another user:

  1. From the command shell: use "runas" command:
    RUNAS [ [/noprofile | /profile] [/env] [/netonly] ] /user:<Benutzername> Programm
  2. From Explorer using the <shift>-key in combination with right mouse click:
    the corresponding context menu contains a "run as..." dialogue


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