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LWE10188 : Only users in Administrators group can log on Citrix Presentation Server / MS Terminalserver


Users still can not log on to Terminalserver although "allowed to log on through terminal services"


Default Domain Group Policy is not configured


I just ran into this problem - even without Citrix Presentationserver (CPS 4.5) implemented yet:
Testenvironment (Single Domain, W2k3SR2, IE7), almost everything plain out of the box.

There are all the usual break-your-neck with local security "allow log on through terminal services", remote desktop user group and all this stuff, but I still had this error message...

Looking at the (default!) Default Domain Policy in GPMC I found out, remote desktop users are blocked out.
So, also lookup your Default Domain Policy, it lets you select blank passwords, but a user's not allowed to log on over Terminal Services.


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