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LWE10152 : Howto make Changes to a NTUSER.DAT


Although NTUSER.DAT is a registry file, it cannot be edited by Regedit.exe


NTUSER.DAT contains Current User Settings of a certain profile and is loaded upon login time of appropriate user


If you need to change settings in a windows registry other than your own, it's possible to import the Registry Hive, make changes and export it:
- Open Registry editor with "regedit.exe" (in Systems older than Windows XP / Windows Server 2003 use "regedt32.exe")
- make a new key in a part of Registry your are authorized to make changes (for instance in the Current User - Hive "HKCU")
- mark the new key and open the wanted Registry file over the file-open context through menu "File"-->"import..."
- a warning appears, that everything under the selected key will be overwritten (watch out, that you selected the new (and empty) key!!!)
- after a short period, you'll receive a message that the file has been imported
--> now approprate changes can be made under the new key.

- after changes have been made, the complete Key must be exportet.


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