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LWE10150 : Howto start word (winword.exe) in safe mode


You have a problem in microsoft word and want to start in safe mode




There are two ways to start word in safe mode. The first one seems easier for a normal user so I will start with it.


  1. Hold down the Ctrl (control) key during the start of word. Word will now ask you if you want to start in safe mode.
  2. Start word with the /safe commandline option. e.g. C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office11\Winword.exe" /safe

Please note that the following functions are not available in safe mode:

  • The assistant will not be showed automatically (yeah)
  • Command and Toolbar are not customized
  • Your AutoCorrect list will not be loaded
  • Documents are not recovered automatically
  • you cannot safe templates
  • Tags cannot be saved and smart tags are not loaded
  • Most command line options are ignored
  • Preferences cannot be saved
  • No additional features and programs are loaded
  • Some documents cannot be opened (e.g. with restricted permission)



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