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LWE10126 : Howto set the Ldap search limit for active directory


You need a bigger search limit for your queries


The number of records has been limited by default


To set the values in active directory you need the command line tools ntdsutil wich is included with windows. Follow the following steps to change

the default values of active directory.

1. Open a command line and enter ntdsutil followed by enter
2. Enter ldap policies <Enter> You can enter a ? to see a list of available commands.
3. Enter connections <Enter>
4. Enter connect to server <servername>
5. At the server connections: prompt, enter quit <Enter>
6. Enter set maxpagesize to <size> <Enter>
7. Enter set maxqueryduration to <time> <Enter>
8. Enter show values then press the Enter key. (to verifies the new values)
9. Enter Commit Changes followed by Enter
10. Enter quit then press the Enter key to quit from “ldap policies”
11. Enter quit then press the Enter key to quit ntdsutil


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