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LWE10124 : Howto monitor the time difference and synchronisation on all domain controllers at once


You need to control the time synchronisation


This can be usefull if you find kerberos errors in your event log


The time syncronisation is done by the PDC Emulator. This server should have a good time source for synchronising the clock. With the command

w32tm /monitor []:
    ICMP: 0ms delay.
    NTP: +0.0000650s offset from
        RefID: [] *** PDC *** []:
    ICMP: 0ms delay.
    NTP: +0.0000000s offset from
        RefID: 'LOCL' [] []:
    ICMP: 20ms delay.
    NTP: -0.0139294s offset from

you can check the time differences on the domain controllers. In the output you will find *** PDC *** which is the PDC emulator. This system has no timing difference because it is the time source.


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