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LLE10087 : Howto show the time and date under linux and eventually format it as you wish


You need to reformat the time for some bash scripting




To show the date and time you can use the date command.

Wed Jun 18 22:30:10 CEST 2008

 This is nice but sometimes you just want the date or time in another format. In this case you can use the date command with a format string.

This just shows the year:

date +'%Y'

Here we get the year and the month and place a dot in between.

date +'%Y.%m'

Here we  use everything:

date +'This is the date: %Y.%m.%d and now the time: %H:%M:%S'

This is the date: 2008.06.18 and now the time: 22:34:08

As you see you have plenty of flexibility. 




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