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LLE10079 : Analog report shows "unresolved numerical addresses" in listing domains section


Unresolved numerical addresses in the report means that you do not have dns information


Wrong configuration in /etc/analog.cfg


In the log files of your webserver you will find the ip addresses of the clients who accessed your server. The ip address is a numerical information. To find the dns domain, the country, the dns top level domain or the clients name, you need to resolve this information to a FQDN (fully qualified domain name)

Analog can do this for you. This means analog reads the log file of the web server, resolves the ip address, and than generates statistical information about it. This is relatively slow. (because it takes a while to resolve all those names)

When you have the "unresolved numerical addresses" in the report, you just need to add two lines to your /etc/analog.cfg file.


dnsFILE analog-dns-cache

When you run analog now, the report will contain the accesses of the top level domains. 


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