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LLE10059 : Howto boot into single user mode using the grub boot loader


You need to repair your system and want to start into single user mode. You use grub as boot loader.




The grub bootloader is a very good one. To start into single user mode you have to append an S to the kernel command line in Grub. Grub stands for grand unified bootloader. To add an S to the command line you need to restart your system and when you see the grub splash screen you press on the arrow keys to select an entry. Then you type e to edit that entry. Go to the line which the word kenel at the start. You press e again to edit it and append an S to the end of the line. Now you press <enter> to accept the changes followed by b to boot the kernel with the modified command line.

You will now be presented a single user mode bash shell to repair your system. It seems complicated but it is easies as you think. 


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