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LLE10058 : Howto change your root password after you forgot it


You forgot your root password and need to get into the system


You should not forget your root password!


When you forget your root password, you need at least physical access to the server or system. You have to make it possible to boot into single user mode which depends on your bootloader. You can search in the lubby database to find some entries.

After you started in single user mode you can change the password with the passwd command. 

When the boot loader grub or lilo are password protected you need a few more tricks.  You need at least a rescue disk. (a CD / DVD) After you started you need to mount the disks of the system and chroot into them.

chroot /mnt/mydisk

This assumes you mounted your root disk on /mnt/mydisk. Now you can change your password with the passwd command again. 


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