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LLE10048 : Howto find help to normal linux commands


You need more information for a linux command




There are a number of ways to get more information on linux commands.

  1. You can start the command with the parameter --help e.g. thecommand --help
  2. You can view the manual page e.g. man thecommand
  3. You can use the info helpsystem e.g. info thecommand
  4. You can use the apropos to show info e.g. apropos thecommand
  5. You can use whatis e.g. whatis thecommand
  6. You can a special google linux search e.g. -> search thecommand
  7. You can search on
  8. You can use a knowledgebase like lubby to search further information
I think with this list you will find all the information that is needed.



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