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LLE10203 : How to disable the automatic popup of the Update-manager.




You want to disable the automatic popup of the Update-manager.


The automatic popup of the Update-manager has the advantage that you never miss an important/critical update. But if you're working or watching a film this can be quite annoying. There are two options to configure the Update-manager that way that only an icon in the pannel shows up.

First option:
- Run the Gnome config editor (Alt + F2 > gconf-editor)
- choose apps > update-notifier
- look for the Option "auto_launch" and deactivate it.

Second option:
- open the console
- type "gconftool -s --type bool /apps/update-notifier/auto_launch false"
- press enter

To reverse the modification either active the "auto_launch" option in the config editor or use the console command but use "true" instead of "false".


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